07 Places to see in Bentota

Bentota is a resort town on Sri Lanka’s southwest coast. Its long Bentota Beach stretches north, where it becomes a sandy strip known as Paradise Island, parallel to Bentota Lagoon. Coral-rich dive sites include Canoe Rock. On Bentota River, centuries-old Galapota Temple has a large Buddha statue. Southeast is Lunuganga, the estate and gardens of architect Geoffrey Bawa. Northeast is his brother Bevis's Brief Garden.

Bentota is located in the edge of Southern province of Srilanka and 110 km from Katunayake international airport - 1 to 2 hours drive

If you are using public transport to come to Bentota from airport, Railway is highly recommended because of the easy access to Bentota city. 

Bentota is famous as a tourist city among locals. it is a famous beach destination among the foreigners, specially tourists who loves to spend a beach holiday will definitely pick the Bentota. 

Bentota has lots of tourist star class hotels, tourist friendly restaurants and tourist activities.

01. Kalutara Bodhi Tree Temple

The Kalutara Chaitya is a Stupa located immediately south of the Kalutara Bridge in the Kalutara District of Sri Lanka. It is one of only a few hollow Buddhist stupas in the world and its interior contains 74 murals, each depicting a different aspect of the Buddha’s life.


Note to remember

This is a Buddhist Temple, Be caution of your dress 

When we enter to a Buddhist temple we need to remove our hats and shoes. you can use temple socks

weekends and full moon days are usually crowded

02. Bentota beach

Benthota beach is one of most beautiful and attractive beach in srilanka. It is located 65 km away from the city of Colombo. Bentota Beach is one of calm and most relaxing places in srilanka.

the Bentota Beach has long been a favorite of travelers from around the world. Notable for its long stretch of white sand and several safe pockets for wading in the ocean, Bentota Beach is best visited during its season between the months of November and April. The popular coast is also famed for its availability of water sports, ranging from wind-surfing to jet-skiing, and even waterboarding from the waters of the Bentara River.

Note to remember

from May to October is the off season of Bentota because of the heavy monsoon raining 

03. Fahien's cave

Fa Hien Cave, also Pahiyangala Cave, is situated in the district of Kalutara, Western Province, Sri Lanka and according to a rural legend, named after an alleged resident during historical times, namely Buddhist monk Fa-Hien. However, there is no archaeological or historical evidence to support this legend. Nonetheless, the site is of archaeological significance as Late Pleistocene human fossilized skeletal remains were discovered in the cave’s sediments during excavations in the 1960s, the 1980s and in 2013.

Note to remember

It’s Very peaceful and historical, also a good place to study human history of Sri Lanka. There’s good places to bath in Kalu river near the cave.

Recommended only if you are interesting on History, Archelogy and Anthropology

04. Kosgoda Turtles Hatchery

Kosgoda Turtle Care program aims to protect sea turtle eggs and increase hatching rates. We not only do hatching, but also we treat disabled Turtles and treat the weak ones due to fishing. Our staff patrols the beach all night looking for mother sea turtles that come out of the ocean to lay their eggs. Protect the mother turtle during the nesting process and when she is finished laying the eggs and safely back in the ocean, we relocate the eggs from the beach to our hatchery.When the baby sea turtles hatch we want to return them to their natural habitat quickly.

Note to remember

Call and check for the opening and closing times before you go


05. Srilanka Traditional Masks

This is not a mask that we wear to protect from covid-19 virus. this is the traditional mask industry and culture of Srilanka. Amabalangoda is a city located 25 km from bentota and famous for mask carving industry in srilanka. mask is one of the popular arts and crafts among tourists. you have seen these masks on traditional dancing events. specially the southern dancing sectors are using different types of mask and most of the time masks are used when performing a traditional rituals. 


Note to remember

You can see srilanka hand made arts and crafts from “Laksala” the special gift shop for tourists located in all over srilanka.

06. Tour on Bentota River

Bentota is a superb little southern enclave with plenty of attractions, foremost among them being the Bentota River and its tributaries, which snakes through lush tropical countryside and can ideally be experienced via a river safari. Enjoy a boat ride along the river and through the mangroves, while you relax and soak in the surroundings. To top things off you can finish off with jet skiing, a banana boat rides or a choice of other water sports.


Note to remember

The tour is around 3 hours. You can talk to service providers before your arrival and negotiate the rates and the activities you want to involve.

07. Lunuganga Garden Tour

Lunuganga is an estate that was transformed by the elite Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa since the estate was acquired in 1948, until the day he died. Currently, it is a country hotel maintained by Teardrop Hotels, under the supervision of Lunuganga Trust. There are 6 types of rooms; from which our favorite was the Gallery Studio. The environment is serene and the feeling you get while walking in the estate is simply out of this world. The hospitality was excellent and the adherence of COVID-19 health protocols was up to standard with frequent temperature checks done on the visitors.

Note to remember

Make sure to talk to the property before your arrival and reserve a tour.


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