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Known for spirituality and laid-back charm, Kandy has everything peaceful and balmy about it. The beautiful Sri Lankan city is also a popular attraction for Buddhists. There are quite a few temples, meditation centres with dense nature around, and exciting trails. Go around and discover eternal comfort as you plan a much-awaited trip to Sri Lanka. The Kandy city is located 116 km North of Colombo at an altitude of 490m above mean sea level. The city including its 33 historical buildings have been declared as a world living heritage city by UNESCO in 1988. The man-made tank is on to your right and you have the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic in front you at a far distance. 

Kandy is located in the Central province of Srilanka and 100 km from Katunayake international airport - 2 hours drive

Kandy city is usually crowded in weekends, special holidays, long weekends and full moon days. 

If you don't like to see fully crowded roads with heavy traffics don't visit Kandy on those days.

From July to August Hotel Accommodation is almost double the price because of the famous Kandy Procession.

Some of the roads will be closed even in the day time in "Perahera Period" ( July to August ) because of the security reasons.

01. Sacred Temple of tooth Relic

Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic or Sri Dalada Maligawa is a Buddhist temple in Kandy, Sri Lanka. It is located in the royal palace complex of the former Kingdom of Kandy, which houses the relic of the tooth of the Buddha.

Since ancient times, the relic has played an important role in local politics because it is believed that whoever holds the relic holds the governance of the country. The relic was historically held by Sinhalese kings. The temple of the tooth is a World Heritage Site mainly due to the temple and the relic.

Note to remember

This is a Buddhist temple and be caution of your clothes. 

When we enter to Buddhist temples we need to remove our Hats and Shoes. you can use temple shocks 

Better to hire a site guide & there are audio guides you can use.

02. The Famous Kandy Procession

It is an event of great historical and cultural significance of the Temple of Tooth Relic, which takes place annually in the hill capital of Sri Lanka in the month of July/August, on days fixed according to auspicious times.


the whole festival includes 17 major and minor processions The final procession of Dalada Perahera (Ran doli) travels round the Kandy city on the Esala Full moon day (falls in the month of July) or Nikini Full moon day (falls on the month of August) each year

Note to remember

This is an annual event happens in Kandy.

At that time traveling on the streets are very difficult due to road blocks and security, and accommodation inside the city is very expensive in procession season.

03. Tusker Raja's Museum

The museum is confronted to visitor walking towards King’s palace. The tusker who piously carried the casket of Sacred Tooth relic for about a half century is a first rated national asset. The tusker having died onthe6th July 1988, was recreated for exhibition to future generations following the cremation. One finds here all the records on the tusker, ranging from his birth to enormous service rendered to Dalada Maligawa

Note to remember

This is a small Museum inside the Tooth relic temple dedicated to the tusker who served to the tooth relic temple and Kandy procession.

No need to buy separate tickets to enter to the museum.


04. Kandyan Cultural Show

The Kandy Cultural Dance Show is a stimulating Sri Lankan Arts, Dance & Cultural Heritage Show that is a must see for any visitor who visits the historic city of Kandy. These Dances are performed at local ceremonies and rituals using drums and costumes that are unique to each area. Among the attractions are the Dances depicting the majestic walk of the elephant, colourful performance of the peacock and the mystical movements of the cobra.

Note to remember

There are some dancing clubs and organizations are in Kandy who organize these shows for foreigners.

Check on google for the time and place of the show. check their google  reviews as well before you go to the show. 

You need to buy tickets for the show

05. British Garison Cemetery

British Garrison Cemetery is a British cemetery in Kandy, Sri Lanka, for British nationals who died in Ceylon. It was established in 1817 just after British captured the Kandy and closed in 1873 due to a ban on burials within the municipal limits, although special provision was given to allow the burial of relatives of those interred in the cemetery, with last person buried there being Annie Fritz in 1951. The cemetery contains 195 graves of men, women and children. The most common causes of death were tropical diseases such as malaria and cholera.

Note to remember

The original entrance is from Udawatte Sanctuary. But you can visit this place from Sacred tooth temple end also.

there is a small path for the cemetery at the end of the temple. ask from the securities how to go to the Garison cemetery they will show you the way.

06. Kandy Royal Garden ( Udawatte Sanctuary )

Udawattakele Forest Reserve often spelled as Udawatta Kele, is a historic forest reserve on a hill-ridge in the city of Kandy. It is 104 hectares large. During the days of the Kandyan kingdom, Udawattakele was known as “Uda Wasala Watta” in Sinhalese meaning “the garden above the royal palace”.

Note to remember

You have to face for very strong winds when you pass Riverston Gap 

Be caution of your personal belongings and small children

No need to buy tickets 

07. Village Tour - Hiriwadunna

Explore the rural village of Hiriwadunna on this half-day trip from Habarana. Traveling by Safari Jeep into the Sri Lankan countryside, the tour begins with a beautiful trek to a manmade reservoir. After a boat ride, hop into a bullock cart alongside paddy fields and rural vegetable plantations to a traditional village house, where you will enjoy an authentic Sri Lankan lunch.

Note to remember

Hiriwadunna is a famous destination for village tours 

There are enough village tour organizers and travel agents you can find from the web and from trip advisor.

Check the google rates and trip advisor reviews before you choose a village tour.

08. Matale Alu vihare Temple

The Aluvihare Rock Temple (also called Matale Alu Viharaya) is a sacred Buddhist temple located in Aluvihare, Matale District of Sri Lanka. Surrounded by hills, the Aluvihara cave temple is situated 30 km north of Kandy on the Matale-Dambulla road. The history of Aluvihare Rock Temple is traced back to the 3rd Century B.C to the reign of King Devanampiyatissa. It is believed that the King built the dagoba, planted the Bo sapling and founded the temple after the introduction of Buddhism to the country during his reign.

Note to remember

This is a Buddhist temple and be caution of your clothes. 

When we enter to Buddhist temples we need to remove our Hats and Shoes. you can use temple shocks 

Better if you can find an area guide or site guide  

09. National Spice Garden

Construction of the National spice garden was initiated in the year 2008 as a concept of Mr. Regenold Cooray, who was the former minister for the ministry of Plantation. The spice garden was completed and opened for public in 2015. Cultivation practices of the most important spice crops are exhibited there and annually hundreds of individuals including the general public, students of Universities and other higher education institutes, school students, researches of Sri Lankan and foreign institutes, businessmen and those who are interested in photography visit this park and receive the service. This service including the visit and demonstration is provided free of charge and for the convenience of the visitors, steps are being taken to establish an information centre and a sales outlet.

Note to remember

This is a government institution 

Open from 8.30 am to 4.00 pm

Call and check before you visit the place, if it is a special holiday

10. Sri Muthumari Amman Kovil

Sri Muthumariamman Temple is a Hindu temple situated in Matale. The temple is dedicated to Mariamman who is the goddess of rain and fertility. It is also known as Arulmigu Sri Muthumari Amman Kovil. The current temple structure was built in 1874 and is used by both the Hindus and the Buddhists. The main religious festivals held at the Sri Muthumariamman Temple includes the chariot festival at the temple celebrated during the month of February or March. There is also a large hall which is used mainly for ceremonies such as weddings.

Note to remember

This is a Hindu Temple, be caution about your dress code

Before we enter to a Hindu temple we need to remove our hats and shoes. 

open 6.30 am to 1.00 pm and 4.30 pm to 10.30 pm

11. Biso Ella Falls

Yatawatta Biso Ella Waterfall is situated in the Selagama Tea Estate in the Matale district. It is 4 meters in height and is a thin mist of water almost disappearing at the bottom of the waterfall. This creates a mystic outlook in the surrounding area. There is also a Hindu temple close by.


Note to remember

This is a public place no entrance fees required to see the waterfall

Access road is not that much good. but still you can go

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