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Cloud Kissing Mountains

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Tracking, Adventure tours in amazing hills
Sri Lanka has magnificent range of mountains and all the mountains as located in the central of the country.
There are some famous mountain peaks in Sri Lanka which are very famous among foreign and local hikers.
Badulla, Kandy, Nuwara eliya and Matale are the main areas where most mountain ranges are located. We have developed our packages by considering the area then hikers can enjoy more mountain hiking without any transport and accommodation problems.

Plan 01
Ella Rock                      Badulla
Little Adams Peak        Badulla
Beragala Mt                 Badulla
Gommolikanda             Badulla
Kurullangala                Badulla
Namunukula                Badulla
Narangala                    Badulla
Wangedikanda             Badulla

Plan 02
Bana Samanala                      Nuwara Eliya
Bopaththalawa (Green Mt)     Nuwara Eliya
Great Western                        Nuwara Eliya
Idalgashinna Mt                     Nuwara Eliya
Kikiliyamana                          Nuwara Eliya
Kirigalpoththa                        Nuwara Eliya
Kodiyara Gala                         Nuwara Eliya
Seven Virgins                         Nuwara Eliya
Single Tree Hill                      Nuwara Eliya
Thotupala Mt                         Nuwara Eliya

Plan 03
Hanthana Range     Kandy
Alagalla                  Kandy
Bible Rock               Kandy
Kabaragala              Kandy
Kellebokke              Kandy
Kondagala               Kandy
Peacock Hills           Kandy
Uthuwankanda        Kegalle
Waulagala                Kegalle

Plan 04
Knuckles Range             Matale
Arangala                        Matale
Brandy Rock                   Matale
Gombaniya                     Matale
Hunnasgiriya                  Matale
Kehelpathdoruwegala    Matale
Lakegala                         Matale
Manigala                        Matale
Manikdena                      Matale
Riverston Peak                Matale
Thunhisgala                    Matale
Wiltshire                         Matale
Yahangala                       Matale
Yakkuragala                    Matale