Updated on 10/12/2021

Before you begin preparations to visit Sri Lanka you need to note the following.

No minimum number of days is required for a stay.

No restrictive quarantine required.


“Fully Vaccinated” travelers can stay at any type of accommodation and no on-arrival PCR test required.

“Not-Fully Vaccinated’’ travelers stay in a ‘Flexible bio-bubble’ with all facilities of the hotels made available and ability to visit approved tourist sites.

“Not-Vaccinated’’ travelers can still have a great time under the protection of the Tourism Bio Bubble for a duration of 7 nights/8 days.

Children below 12 years are exempted from on-arrival and exit PCR / Rapid Antigen tests.

All visitors pay mandatory local Covid 19 insurance of 12 USD with one month cover of 50,000 USD (Pay through / SLTDA). Fully vaccinated travellers are EXEMPTED from obtaining the mandatory COVID-19 local Insurance cover. However, fully vaccinated travellers should ensure that they have comprehensive travel insurance that will cover health and other expenses related to COVID-19. If they are accompanied by not-vaccinated/not-fully vaccinated children (all age groups), they should ensure that the comprehensive travel insurance is extended to cover the children adequately.



All visitors other than fully vaccinated will pre-pay the mandatory PCR Tests (40 USD per PCR test). Pay through / SLTDA.

All visitors to apply visa online through

  • Ensure you download and read the health guidelines relevant to your vaccination status.
  • Ensure you are aware of the documents that need to be submitted and carried with you to ensure a hassle free visit. If you have any doubts or clarifications drop us an email on and we will help you to prepare for your visit.
  • Ensure you have paid for your Covid Insurance and PCR tests (excludes fully-vaccinated visitors). Pay through / SLTDA
  • Fully vaccinated travellers if accompanied by not-vaccinated/not-fully vaccinated children, (all age groups) ensure that the comprehensive travel insurance is extended to cover the children adequately as the Government of Sri Lanka will not bear any costs resulting.
  • Upon Insurance and/or PCR payment (other than fully vaccinated travellers), you will be issued a ‘Tourism Reference number’ which you need to include when applying for a visa (visit In the visa form under the section ‘contact details’ and under ‘address in Sri Lanka’ visitors are advised to include this reference number as the Department of Immigrations and Emigrations, Sri Lanka (DIE) will check for this information when granting visa approval for all visitors coming under the tourism route.

For more information please contact us or visit official travel page of Srilanka –