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Sri Padaya (Adam’s Peak)

Sri Padaya (Adam’s Peak) is the fourth highest mountain with the height of 2244m and is located 40km northeast of Ratnapura district of Sri Lanka. This mount is also named as the sacred mountain as the footprints of the Lord Buddha and still there are millions of people came here every year to pay tribute to the lord Buddha arrival.
For centuries this place has been used by pilgrims from all over the world to pay religious ceremonies associated with their religions but unfortunately, this religious ceremonies changed with the time and people started many new religions out of it. The Buddha’s visit to Sri Lanka and the sacred footprint but due to various changes with the changing time this mount becomes something new for some new people.
Mount Sri Pada(Adam’s Peak) is not a hidden secret. Every religion follows the first human relation with God concept and that is the reason we find this mount with different names as people of different nations have different languages and that is the reason people call it with different names but it is sacred for all. Sri Pada for Sri Lankans and some people called it the mountain of butterflies as there are a huge amount of them on the top (Sinhala) hill of the butterflies.


Three main different paths to the top of the religious mountain

Three Different Directions
Most Remote place in Sri Lanka
Contiuous Guidance will be there

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