Srilankan Independence Day

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Srilankan Independence Day

What does independence mean to you? when we ask ourselves that question, we might say freedom, control, power over self; and we’d be right. Each of us speaks truths from our own minds, each of our stories matter, our voices need to be heard. The Srilankan Independence day commemorate the story of a tiny island and it’s fight for freedom against an empire.

The national day celebrations

Also known as the Independence Day of sri Lanka, The 4th of February is a nationwide holyday devoted to the remembrance of our fight for liberty and freedom, our ancestors: the fallen heroes who laid down their lives for a better tomorrow, our national achievements and the glory of peace & independence.

The main celebration usually take place in Colombo. Like all good Sri Lankan celebrations, the ceremony begins with the arrival of his excellency the president. the president raises the formal flag while our national anthem is brought to melody. Although not everyone can attend ceremony, almost every household shows their contribution as they decorate the country with national colors and make a day out of informing the youth about collectively greatest revolutionary deeds of the nation.

One of the most eye-catching events of the srilankan independence day is the massive parade. it showcases an array of progressively synchronized military marches changing according to the different regiments and units of the sri Lankan army, navy, air force and with all the big guns and vehicles. A Considerable amount of the military vehicles is designed and manufactured by army engineers here in state (which is cool). The ceremony acknowledges countless lives lost for the pursuit of peace and observes 2 minutes of silence in their memory. After all the unnecessary gadgets and guns are shown, the dancers follow through with visually and rhythmically appealing performances. Most of the dances are pure sri Lankan heritage; Particularly the ‘Wes ‘dances. Their costumes are eye catching, dramatic and creative; defiantly can’t see them anywhere else.

February 4th 

On the 4th of February 1948, Sri Lanka, at the time known as British Ceylon: separated from the British empire and established autonomy at the independence square in Colombo. Rt hons D.S Senanayake was sworn in as the prime minister when the first parliament declared open. The formal ceremony was held with the company of Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester.

In 2021 We’re celebrating the 73rd years of independence.

Pre 1948

After the fall of the Kandy kingdom. The power fell to the people. no kings no queens, only misfits and rebels against the kingdom of the undying sun. they formed insurgences time after time, ordinary people became heroes when their country needed them. They did not go gently into that night of sleep, they ranged and ranged against the dying of the light, used their knowledge of nature to their advantage, created tactics that won them many battles. but the war was over before it began. Then the fight shifted in to the hands of a peculiar group of people; the artist, poets, monks, lawyers and activist; oh and of course… rebels.

The independence movement

The pen was mightier than the sword.

the independence movement began at the wake of the 20th century. In its nature; It was a peaceful political movement aimed at achieving equality and freedom while giving the power to the people. the educated middle class led the movement; divided by ethnicities, creeds, countries, etc. but united by their vision of a free world not to themselves but to everyone who long for it. now we remember them as our national heroes for centuries to come.

Change starts with ourselves. Sri Lanka has come a long way, even though our country is in the wrong side of the rich list. we got universal health care, free education, free health insurance for children, free agricultural supplies, and so much more our economy can’t afford but have to for the good of the people. and we seem to be getting back on our feet. In my opinion the vision that led a revolution are at wake of coming into existence. & what I see for our future is far brighter than you would Imagine.

“to enjoy freedom, we have to control ourselves” – Virginia Woolf

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