Catch a train to Ella
train journeys Srilanka

Catch a train to Ella

train journeys in Srilanka and the stories within

Everything is connected, everything has a rhythm, a pure form.  All of us… we long for love, we long for peace; and sometimes they’re the same. Plato believed that at the start of the creation humanity, we were different from what we are now; we were at equilibrium. If I expressed/visualize or rather create a scene, we were a combination of two souls, a whole, a unity, Balanced… the humans were happy; they’re needs were few. And at any given moment everything they ever wanted was already with them; their other halves. It was utopia…  so, praying / religion became obsolete. The gods became furious.  humans never prayed for better because ‘better ‘was always with them at each and every moment of their lives. The angered gods spilt us in two and spread us across the earth, lost, broken and scared; always looking for ‘better’ but not knowing what better is ,You might be wondering why the above statement is relevant to train tracks or even train journeys in srilanka., the more you want to see the more you see; trust me that’s relevant to everything worth anything.

Trains connect people, it always has; in ways you’d not believe. But I’m hoping you would… because the world needs it.

For the human civilization, rail roads made a lot of things possible. But the truth is whoever imagined that it was in fact possible; only got hated and abused till they actually made it possible probably even after.

Railroads in sri Lanka

Railroads in sri Lanka were first built in the colonial era, and because of it the train rides are rather rustic and are effortlessly crude. They were hand built with the spilling of the sweat and blood of restless humans.

About 3000 main line workers died, from disease such as malaria… men and women who just needed to ‘be’; and ended up giving their lives to build monuments that embodies all that is human society.

Specialties of sri Lankan rail roads: sri Lankan railways use a more durable type of wider rails… as they were formally used only to transport goods from the hillside “little England” and a few “high class” citizens who wanted to leave their mansions and chill at the beach down in Colombo.

Best vibes at train journeys in Srilanka

What’s a vibe?  Everything has a rhythm; everything has a frequency and a vibe is an understanding of that. We don’t feel on purpose. we just feel.

When you’re traveling in a train here, watching the pastel skies along the shoreline; you feel the relativity in your bones., you feel like the smallest thing in the universe and at the same time you feel like take out the you are whole the universe….

Coastal line

Sri Lankas’ coasts are mesmerizing… anyone who’s found peace in the art of the universe would agree. The costal line of the sri Lankan railway is certainly worth traveling at least once. but no one ever only travel through it once, no one ever wants to do it just once.

About a year and a half ago when I finally felt the child who lost himself through scream and tears, I went down south to see my girlfriend at the time because she missed me…  half way through her trip. yeah, it’s cringy but it’s who I am 🙂 , I saw stories everywhere…  the stories I always felt when I was a kid. When I wasn’t lost in a cloud of loudness… I met this Cuban guy, traveling alone to waligama . the chill hippie who I always knew I was… we vibed, we were on the same train seeing the same things but I can tell you he didn’t see the same things. I think he saw beauty, nature, life. I felt it…, I was there in my seat listening to music, my girlfriend called me to see if I got in the train in time. she was tipsy (she got drunk the night before, she said she didn’t, so she didn’t) I lost all the worry because I knew whatever the journey may hold for me, she was at the end of it. I got up on my seat and went to the door and didn’t sit almost the whole way, and man life is beautiful here, we just have to reevaluate on our limits…

Main line

The main line is the first railway built in sri Lanka, with unwilling manual labor no hi-tech equipment. as everything ever built that we are so proud of.

The main line starts at Colombo fort and goes through Kandy to hillside. It’s one of the most scenic train journeys in the world. The train journey to hill country is cold as you get higher. The already cold air particles colliding with your dynamics make you shiver but you’re not gonna feel it unless you want to, if you just focus on the ride itself all the negativity exists your mind and leave you bare. bare to your soul and everything you’ve forgotten you are.; nature.

I went to Badulla when I was little, with my cousins, we were going to one of my fathers’ friend’s mansion. That was one of the most tranquil memories I have.  the long art of the journey always grantees synchronization of your soul.

The mainlines’ summit point is one of the highest a rail way has ever claimed.

Kandy to Ella

Kandy to Ella is one of the most popular train journeys in sri Lanka. Known for its iconic scenery smoothly blended with the rickety rack of the steel rails with the occasional wade and a samosa from the happy local Wenders in the train.

The train ride is diverse as it’s magical balance of everything good about humanity, every person on the train is there for one reason; appreciation of life by simply living it to the fullest. that is why you see girls leaning out of the train feeling the wind in their hair, love in their heart, the peace in their mind, tranquil synchronization of their soul… on a train that is going a well over hundred miles an hour; few meters from the entrance of a tunnel. A true adventure is the ones that you’re not sure you’ll come back from.

If I tried to put into words of everything that’s beautiful about the scenery, it’s not going to do justice for it. so, I urge you to see it yourself… be there yourself. every person in the train has a story of their own and for a continuous moment mother nature is giving you her tranquil gaze and her yours; every person on the train, shares this giant moment of oneness and harmony. and it’s exquisite. Trust me. At least go to youtube and watch a good vlog :).


The town that’s on every traveler’s bucket list. I think it’s safe to say it’s a world classic destination. An Instagram heaven, I don’t think there’s not a single person on earth who hasn’t heard or seen the leaning couple of Ella. if you haven’t don’t just look it up; make a moment like that on your own. and make the world go awe.

The train to Ella is as sought over as the train to Nuwara Eliya it’s certainly up to you to decide.

Nine arch bridge.

The architectural marvel that is known as “ the sky bride “is a true work of art. I think everyone is attracted like a moth to a flame (without the horrible and agonizing death  I mean) but I don’t think most people know why; other than the architects.

The credit for this marvel goes to a local Ceylonese builder, P. K. Appuhami, in consultation with British engineers.

There a popular rumor suggest that the bride was originally meant to be built with Steal but with the beginning of the great war, the steal assigned for the project was relocated to the Britain war front, hence leading the local designers to build it with stone and cement.

Colombo fort

Colombo fort is aesthetic. it always reminds me of harry porter movies, the resemblance is uncanny. Certainly, makes you want to go head first into a wall in the hopes of arriving at a world of magic. But Let me tell you, our world is already magical. Colombo fort hold millions of stories of a lost time and millions more in the present and in the future as well; they are all connected

The Colombo fort is the largest railway station in sri Lanka, it commutes thousands of workers, travelers, sunset chasers, dreamers and hardworking humans from all over the world.

Routine lines

Routine lines are the everyday public rail lines that goes through life without bias. On the surface you might find them mundane but trust me, you are moving through art at its purest form and the hidden stories within. however, those trains go off the schedule sometimes so if you’re in a hurry, take the bus or a tuk.


I lived near a rail line all my life so there are not many days I haven’t seen a train.  I went from flying kites on the tracks with the neighbor’s kid to smoking cigarettes with the homies and the rail roads watched me grow into who I am today.

i see kids hanging of the train just for the fun of it, I see old people with excellent taste in fashion. I see heartbroken men and women struggling to hold them self together, I see people stuck in 9-5 jobs wandering where they went wrong, I see beautiful souls and how the world was so cruel to them that they don’t have enough food; but being happy with the smallest things. I see single moms taking care of their family all alone ignoring the loudness of the train as it passes close to their home… closer than it ever should be. I’ve seen people that get so cornered by the world and the only choice they had was jumping in front of a train. these are the untold stories we choose to not see.  I’ve seen people on the train who saw an injured dog on the side of the track and did everything they could to save it; and they did. I see hundreds of people making a living selling cloths they made right next to the tracks. Ask yourself why are you choosing not to see, although you most certainly do.

Why I brought Plato into this: maybe Plato was wrong and we don’t have soulmates, but mate all you see is the work souls, souls in pain. one of my friends told me love is not something you have for only one person but rather it’s your connection to life itself. So, choose love even when you don’t know how to love yourself.

Our pain ends when we stop the pain of others. because they are you and you are me. We’re connected no matter what philosophy you hold.

“ ..there are more than one way to kneel and kiss the ground “ –  Rumi.


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train journeys in srilanka
train journeys in srilanka
train journeys in srilanka
train journeys in srilanka

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